December 11, 2012


I was just doing some reading and the thought of "the one" came to my mind. No not the one as in prince charming and the guy you have been creating in your mind since they day you realized you couldn't marry your daddy. I am talking about the impact "the one" can have.

Here's what I mean...

I read my Bible almost everyday, I pray all through the day, I have even had the humbling opportunity to speak a couple of times to preach the Word, but despite all of that one thing I still seem to struggle with in my walk is evangelism. No, I don't mean leaving your tract at a restaurant instead of a tip {: when I waitressed that just made me mad....I had Jesus, what I needed was money, thanks:} or going door to door to creep people out by talking about the rapture. I mean connecting with people and making Jesus and His Word come alive in their lives. 

The thing that frightens us, or at least me, the most about evangelism is the fear of rejection. You invite them to church, a Hillsong concert, your bible study at school and they say no. But it's not just the fear we have of them saying no but the thoughts or comments they have after we ask. We might get labeled as a Jesus freak or something. 

Sometimes we even label people as "too far gone" or think there is no chance they would come to church if we asked. {:Guilty:} But then I can't help but think of a man named Yonggi Cho...

Younggi was raised by his parents as a Buddhist. When he was just 17 he was diagnosed with tuberculosis which put him at death's door. A young christian girl was walking by his house one day and felt compelled to knock on their door and pray for Younggi. The young girl knelt by Younggi's bed, prayed, and cried for him. Before she left that day she gave him her own bible. That day Younggi accepted Christ. He later was healed of his tuberculosis and now leads the largest church in the world with over 1,000,000 members!

I have no idea the girls name who came and prayed for him {:I actually stopped writing this post and looked for it but couldn't find it:}, but, this girl took time out for "the one" and now literally millions of peoples lives have been changed because of her willingness to take a risk of faith.

Let's be honest, 9 times out of 10 when you ask someone to come to church, a bible study, or anything like that they are going to say no. But let's never under estimate the power of the one life that could be changed by our invite or outreach.

I've learned the best way to evangelize is simply to live your life and invite them into it. People should see the Jesus in you before they hear about Jesus from you.

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