December 16, 2012

Sunday Seven 12/16

Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I don't; I leave with my family on Friday for Alabama and I am still missing 6 or 7 gifts AND 4 peoples gifts I ordered have yet to be delivered. EEKS

But, even though I should be shopping or at least browsing online for all those peoples gifts I chose to look at Pinterest instead :)

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I know I'm not a mom but a lot of you are. This is a cute tradition to start with your kids this year. Each of these candies teach your child {:and you:} about the names of Jesus.

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This is my favorite gift idea I have found on Pinterest this year. The pin leads you to a free print out of the "Mistle Toes" card.

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Who knew this was so simple to make?

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After all that holiday cooking nd baking your cooktop is bound to need a little TLC after the season.
Baking Soda + Salt + Water = Shiny Stove Top : Go away gritty scum!

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The recipe to Olive Garden's breadsticks....oh my JACKPOT

{:Pinned Here:}
100 Holiday picture ideas...they really are great I looked at every single one!

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SO cute. Kate Spade flats

Happy Sunday Lovely!!

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