January 8, 2013

2013 Goals-Day 5

Goal 5: Making Healthier Decisions

I know this doesn't sound very original, and well it's not. It is probably the most common New Year's resolution ever. But, I have resolved to just make healthier choices for myself. I am not interested in losing any weight. I just want to leave this year healthier than I started it. So some of my goals within this goal are...

To eat more fruits and veggies.
I rarely even buy fresh fruit or vegetables because since it is only me in the house they go bad so quickly. But this year I am going to try and buy smaller quantities and plan when I will eat them to in an effort not to let them go bad.

Cut waaaaay back on the caffeine.
In the past year I had basically turned into a caffeine addict. I constantly had coffee or diet Mountain Dew in my hand.  This isn't really good for anyone, but I was born with a couple extra passageways in my heart which can cause it to accelerate my heart rate quit dramatically soooooo a ton of caffeine is not a good idea. 
But, good news: I have only had one cup of caffeinated coffee since the beginning of the year, AND I didn't have any crazy headaches from caffeine withdrawals.

Get more active. 
Now I am now making a goal to go to the gym 5 days a week or to run 27 miles a week, but I would just like to make more of an effort to incorporate some exercise routine in my week. Build healthy muscle on top of these aging bones! 
Any exercise routines you love and could recommend?

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