January 21, 2013

Adieu to a Fab Long Weekend

This weekend was much needed and it was so great!
You might be thinking I might post about all the places I went and all the things I did, and yes I will some. But, mostly I stayed home because my Gracie girl got fixed Friday. 
She was so pitiful when I picked her up on Friday. She would just lay and moan. Poor girl. I am happy to say that she is doing much better now.

Since I wanted to stay home with her I made a diaper bike for my friends shower Sunday.

Then Saturday morning/afternoonish my friend Denise came over for some much needed girl time.
 Then Saturday night I declared a craft night so I made a heart wreath

and turned this atrosity into...
All with just a little fingernail polish.

Then Sunday after an incredible message at church about foundations and what you're building your life on we got to host a shower for this lovely one and her baby to be!

Then on Monday I sat in bed all morning with all of this {:and coffee of corse:}

And I topped of the long weekend with a girls night at my house 
{:I even cooked!:}

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