January 21, 2013

Book Number 1 of the Year-Check

This was my first read for the year. 
One book down 19 to go.
I give this book 3 of 4 stars. {:Only because it wasn't quite as good as The Circle Maker:}

God totally used this book strategically in my life which makes this book special to me. It was definitely the book God chose for me to read at this precise time.  I have had it on my shelf for over a year and a half and just got to reading it and let me tell you why this is so perfect....

The book is all about embracing the next generation and being more jealous for their success' than your own. It's about pushing through the fleshly thoughts that creep in when you see that what they are doing with the position in leadership or life that you once held may be better than what you did in the same position. Rather than allowing yourself to run with those fleshly thoughts you replace them with encouragement and prayer for what they are doing.

The book also talks about how important it is to build foundations for the next generation to stand on. Because it isn't about what we have done; it is about building the church. Therefore we need to build platforms that will be the next generations starting ground. The better we "hand off the baton" the better we are setting them up to take off on the next lap of the race we are all in together.

This book was so timely for me because, as I mentioned in another post, God is rearranging my life. One of the ways he is rearranging it is by asking me to step down as a youth leader. I have been a part of leading the incredible youth of my city for 5+ years now and wow was it hard to give up. 
My pastor asked me if I would be willing to help lead in LifeZone at our church which is basically small groups for those 18 and up. Knowing what it says in James 13 about following your leadership, I  accepted. It was in the realization of this transition that I recognized how God had strategically placed this book in my hands for this season. How absolutely perfect of Him.

My favorite quote from the book goes something like this: Leadership does not define your life; His presence defines your life.

My next read: "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer

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