February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday 2/22

Linking up with Lauren again for another High Five for Friday post.

1) I got to help with Miss Berkeley County {:a preliminary competition to Miss America:} on Saturday night. I have so many amazing memories being crowned on that stage.
2) I got several rooms in my house painted {:more pictures to come soon:}.
3) I had an awesome girls night on Tuesday with some a-maz-ing chicks on Tuesday night.
4) My mom had my grandfathers ring made into earrings for me! I love them, but I love that it was my grandfathers and dad's even more.
5) I leave for Devoted Women's Conference in Virginia Beach in just a few short days. I cannot wait to head down there with 106 other women from my church!


  1. LOVE that your earrings are made from something so special. My husband's wedding band was made from my purity ring. I love when we can re-make special memories. So cool. Have fun at your conference!! That sounds awesome!

  2. I love the paint color you chose in photo 2!

  3. So sweet that your earrings are made from your grandpa's ring! Have fun at that conference!

    I'm a new follower from H54F! I'd love if you can stop by when you have a chance :)

    Holly, http://mymommyandwifelife.blogspot.com

  4. I love those earrings! What an amazing gift! Your H54F sounds so amazing!!

    New follower! Your blog is so uplifting and positive and fun!

    Kenzie @ http://100prettybrokenpieces.blogspot.com/


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