February 8, 2013

High Five for Friday 2/8

1) Super Bowl Sunday at church is one of my favorite Sundays all year!
2) There was also a Super Bowl party that night were I indulged in this 350lb massive cake...mmmm
3)  One of my besties moved to GA with her husband in January and she is coming home today. Can't wait to hook up with her tonight! I am BEYOND excited to see her again.
4)I had a phone date with this amazing friend, leader, mentor Wednesday which also was a huge highlight. I love friends with wisdom, insight, encouragement, and that are just real
5)I get to come home to this sweet face every day. But, she sure makes it hard to leave.



  1. What a sweet dog! It would make it hard to leave the house every day with that mug staring at you! Sounds like a fun week!

  2. Wowsers!! that football cake looks unreal it's so big!! hope it was as good as it looks!

    Your pup is soooo sweet... love her lil' flower!

    Found you through the H54F linkup! xo, Bev

  3. Cute post!! That cake looks amazing and your dog is so cute!



  4. Oh. Em. Gee. THAT CAKE- Get in my belly!!!! Happy Friday!


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