February 25, 2013

On my nightstand

The Message: Solo - I usually read The Message Remix, Pause each year. It takes you through the entire Bible in one year by reading from the Old and New Testament each day. But  this year I switched it up and bought myself a copy of The Message Solo Bible and I love it! I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a great devotional. This also takes you through the Bible in one year, but rather than reading the entire Bible Eugene H. Peterson has taken highlights from the Bible, in chronological order, and presents them to the reader. The plan is set up to be read six days of the week with a seventh day as a day of reflection. With each daily passage there is a read, think, pray and live portion. This devotional encourages you to really reflect on the passage for the day and connect it to yourself personally. It is more about the application of the Bible rather than simply reading the Bible. Reading this devotional only for a short time has already brought me so much revelation on scriptures I have simply brushed over in years past.

Start Something That Matters - This book is by Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS. This is my 5th book on my goal to reading 20 books this year. I am already loving it and have gained so much from it. The book starts out with how the idea of TOMS was birthed and executed. The rest of the book encourages people to "start something that matters" and gives practical steps of how to do just that. A book review on it to come shortly.

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