February 24, 2013

Sunday Seven 2/24

I hope this week has been good to you. Mine went by quickly which is never a complaint!

Here is what I am ohhing and ahhing over on Pinterest this week.

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I think I will be getting this "Carousel Coral" color for spring

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The "Dirty Girl Mud Run". How fun would this be with girlfriends?
 It's a 5k with 12-15 obstacles AND a spa day!
{:My cousin actually did one last week and in her pictures it looked like a blast:}

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So true

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Now that I have my study painted I am thinking of making these flowers in hot pink and hanging black curtains. Maybe?

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Homemade doggie treats because did you know most dog treats have chicken jerkey products in them which can cause kidney failure!? Me either! So I am thinking these treats will be on my to-do list.
There are just flour, oats, peanut butter, dry milk, dried parsley, eggs and water.

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I am swooning over this Elie Saab dress Taylor Swift war to the Brit Awards.
My favorite dress I have seen on the carpet this season by far.

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I am very much into wedges, and these black with a pop of color are fab!

As always, Happy Sunday!

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  1. LOVE those shoes! And the nail color - I am big on coral nails!!! I've got to repin those homemade dog treats too!


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