March 15, 2013


Hey, thanks for popping over to my page! Good news.... IT'S FRIDAY!

 I am sure most of you are from the H54F linkup, so welcome beautiful and I hope you enjoy my post and the blog!
A ton of the women at my church gather every second Saturday of the month for breakfast and chick-chat. This year's theme is from Proverbs 31: 15 {:She rises while it is still night:} and it's all about women overcoming in the darkest hours of their lives. Last week my friend shared her amazing story how God brought her out of alcoholism and depression. Love her story and love her. I think everyone there was inspired.

Sunday we celebrated my friend Whitney at her bridal shower! 
Just can't believe this time next month she'll be a Mrs.
{:Whit is on the left, and the bridal party with the bride on the right:}

I had to bake funfetti cake cookies {:funfetti cake mix, sprinkles, 2 eggs, and a 1/2c. vegetable oil. Mix. Bake at 2350 for 8-10 min:} for the bridal shower so I got to wear my new apron my aunt made me. 
Cute right?

I finished my 6th book of the year on Tuesday night! 
I am doing well so far on my goal of 20 books for the year!

I made dinner last night!
 {:Ok chicken helper did most of the work but I was a champ at following directions:} Some of you may be thinking whoopee, but my normal dinner consist of {:mom close your eyes and don't read this part:} chips and salsa followed by a fancy cake. I know I know, I am the picture of health....but I mean salsa has tons of veggies in it right??

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  1. Yum! Funfetti cookies have been on my to-make list for a while. :) Your apron is super cute! And all of the books in your pictures look like stuff i would read...i think we have the same taste!

  2. The Confident Woman sounds like a great book. Great post :) I love your blog from :)

  3. What's wrong with chips and salsa :) I enjoy following Joyce Meyer. I like the fact I can hear her show on the Bible app.

    I'm your newest follower.


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