March 12, 2013


There are over 100 names for God in the Bible, but I think this one is my favorite.

When Moses is talking to God through the burning bush and God is telling him he is going to lead the Israelites out of bondage Moses protest and has an identity crisis saying he cant do this. He asks God what he is suppose to tell the Israelites when he stands before them and tells them he is going to lead them out of slavery. 

God tells him to tell the crowd that the "I AM" has sent him. {:Exodus 3:14:} 

Now maybe it's just me, but if some hairy mountain man {:he had been in the wilderness for 40 years so he had to look a sight!:} was telling me he was going to convince Pharaoh to let me go from slavery after 400 years because the "I AM" sent him. I would think that he had spent to far too much time talking to the animals in the wilderness and had clearly lost his ever-loving mind.

But I love what God meant...I AM....I AM the solution to whatever you are going through! All we need is him.

God is saying to us:
"Do you need a comforter? I AM!"
"Do you need a finical breakthrough? I AM!"
"Do you need a marriage restored? I AM!"
"Do you need healing? I AM!"
"Do you need a door of opportunity to open? I AM!"
"Do you need to be released from an addiction? I AM!"

Whatever your question, whatever your problem. He is the answer and the solution EVERY time.
The world wants to tell us that our circumstances have to change in order for us to have joy, but thats simply not true because God IS our joy in spite of our circumstances.

He is the I AM.

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