March 19, 2013

Quarterly Check-Up

Since we are almost a quarter way through this year {:can you believe it?!:} it is time for me to check up on my goals for this year. So here it goes...

1) Reading 20 book: I am currently reading my 7th book! Right on track

2) Sending people handwritten letters: In the beginning of the year I was sending them weekly. I haven't been sending them as much but I have have sent 2 cards this week! So I am pleased with my progress.

3) Bring 20 people to church: Well I am a little embarrassed to say that I haven't even brought one, but I knew this was a tough goal. I can say it has definitely made me look for more opportunities to invite. I'm still believing it's going to happen.

4) Be an encourager daily: I try to be. I sometimes let my feelings dictate whether I'm an encourager or not that day. So that is something I need to work on.

5) Make healthier decisions: Um...weeeeell. I need to work on this one. This goal started out as eliminating caffeine but I need to step up my game. I work well with specific rules. {:I have a one caffeinated drink a week if that:} I learned without setting rules for myself this goal will not be successful so here are the new rules for this one...Working out 3 days a week; no eating after 8:30pm {:special occasions excluded:}; and only one non water drink a day. Phew lets keep our fingers crossed. If I am successful maybe I'll buy myself a cute swimsuit for summer!

6) Memorize 20 scriptures: Apparently I have been too busy reading to memorize scripture, but I am going to change this one. I want to pick 3 scriptures and LIVE them rather than memorize them.

7) Complete at least 6 DIY projects: I have done 3, and spring break is coming up soon! I'm happy with my progress!

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