March 16, 2013

Start Something That Matters-Book Review

This book as you can probably guess from the cover was written by the creator of Toms, Blake Mycoskie. 

He starts off the book by telling the story of how TOMS was created. I loved reading this story because the sole reason I justified spending the amount of money I did on my first pair of gray TOMS was because I knew that since I bought a pair someone somewhere in the world would receive a pair of shoes. I now have at least 5 pair!

The story of how TOMS was created is only a fourth of the entire book {:if that:}. The rest of the book Mycoskie inspires the reader to "start something that matters." In the book he gives practical tips on what makes an idea spark and how to go from the drawing board to carrying out a vision. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting a business venture or anyone who has ever had a dream to make a difference. The story was truly inspiring and definitely got my mind racing with vision. Shoot I just recommend this book because if you don't have a dream this book will sure inspire you to get one!

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