March 24, 2013

Sunday Seven 3/24

I hope your week was fabulous? If not, it's over right? I have also found Pinterest to be wonderful therapy for a bad day/week. So whatever you week has brought you through, remember you are fiercely amazing! :) 

So the pins..
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Loving this spring look. 
Perfect way to incorporate Spring when it doesn't feel so "springy" here in WV. 

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This pin tells you how to restore all those old dingy white under shirts.
I neeeeeeed to try this.

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How to hang a sweater so it doesn't stretch out the shoulders.
How smart is that?

{:Pinned Here:}
A Royal Empress Tree. How beautiful! The pin says it grow from Canada to Mexico and grows 10ft the first year. I am going to have to look into this!

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This website allows you to type in your shopping list and finds coupons. It is also 

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This would be a beautiful centerpiece if you are having guests over for Easter next week!

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These bad boys are hott hott hoot

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Love the yellow sweater. And the lemon centerpiece. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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