March 7, 2013

We Are But Dust

I have read and heard this scripture before, but just today after hearing Judah Smith in a podcast speak on it, I had a new revelation and thought I would share.

When I read this scripture before I had this image of God being Horton like {:I know this is insanity. Just live in my weird world for a brief moment and work with me.:} and me being a speck like Whoville. God in all His sovereignty was looking at me in my "dustness" like "well she's human cant expect too much out of that lost case."

I still get the Horton and the speck image when I hear the verse, but I now see God's unconditional love and grace more than my hopelessness in this Psalm.

God realizes we are but dust {:my personal and very theological translation: God knows we are....dumb:} and yet He still longs to be in relationship with us, He is not up in heaven looking at us going "You're faith is ridiculous."; "You sinned again! Haven't you already asked about forgiveness for this thing?! Don't come crawling back to me again."; "Girlfriend I have pulled you through storm after storm and you still don't trust me? We're done." No No NO!

God has formed us and knows our innermost being. He knows who we are and he knows us in all of our humanness and failings and loves us just the same. Instead of looking at this verse and feeling defeated about our "dustness" let's take our eyes off of what we are and place them on who HE IS.

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