April 26, 2013

Friday My Dear

My Dearest Friday: You came so very quickly this week. So quick that I haven't finished all my work for the week. EEK! But, I will take you over Monday or even Tuesday any day! To my Foreign Love: Hanz Highlander. I am so very happy to have you back. Although, it was fun running around with your American cousins Frank Ford this week. I must say we got quite a few double looks on the road. But Hanz you are so much easier to park!

My Amazing Momma and Daddy: I am super glad you are back in town again. I missed y'all while you were down south with the fam. Dear 22 Little Pals: I have bragged about how absolutely amazing you are all year, but I must say your energy this week has worn me out. I guess I better get all I can of you now because soon you all will be big first graders and our time together will be but a memory (sniff* tear* sniff* sniff*). Sweet Little Newbie Friends: It was so good to meet you little ones at kindergarten registration Monday. You have some very big shoes to fill from this years friends, but  I can't wait to make my own memories with you. Please be good to me :) To Pastor Holly Wagner & Team: Thanks for having such a wisdom packed webinar on woman in leadership. The best part was it was like going to a conference in my PJs! Totally worth staying up a little later than normal for!
  Dearest Austin: I am so excited to come and see you this summer. I have never been to Texas and the tickets are almost booked! You have two of my role models living there and I cannot wait to reconnect with them and their cute kiddos.

Beautiful Cami: I cannot believe you get married tomorrow. How can it be that one of my "youth girls" is walking down the aisle tomorrow? Brings tears to my eyes. Can't wait to watch you come Mrs. Ethan Green. You are going to be a stunning bride (at least I really hope so since I am in charge of your hair and makeup!)

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  1. Hi there!!! found you via Aloha Blog Hop. Going thru your blog and enjoying! Will be following...check me out if you'd like @ www.fiercesouthernbelle.blogspot.com

    Have an awesome weekend, Doll!!

  2. Texas is the most amazing state ever...but I'm a litttttttle bit biased :-)


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