April 12, 2013

It's Finally Friday!!!

Dear Friday: Thank you for coming so quickly this week! Today is a very special and exciting day. To the Bride: I am so excited and honored to be a part of your special day today. You are going to be such a beautiful bride and a fantastic wife. I am busting at the seems for you today!
Dearest Beautiful Spring Weather: Oh how I love you. Please, please, please stay. I am loving walking out the door without a jacket and flip-flops. And my new cherry tree is looking oh so beautiful.
Dear 22 cutie pututies: I am sad I am not with you today. I feel like we just got back from break and I am leaving you again. Thank you for all the love, flowers, and hugs this week; they always kept me smiling. And my little buddy....you're writing this week made me laugh so hard. This will be one your mom needs to keep and pull out to embarrass at graduation.
{:It is suppose to read "I wish it would rain peanuts because I like cracking peanuts and its yummy.":}
To my lovely new followers: Oh my goodness thank you, thank you, thank you for following along. I have felt so overwhelmed with the comments and love that my cheeks are a bit sore from smiling. Y'all are the best! Sweet Andrea: Thank you for the card! It was absolutely perfect and I love ya!
To my newest shipment of books: I was so excited when you came in the mail the other day! I don't know which of you to read first!

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  1. Checking out your blog from The Sweet Season link up. I laughed so hard at what that little kid wrote! Maybe one day if I decide to be a teacher I can find hilarious moment like these! :)

  2. I cracked up with the letter the little boy wrote!! Goodness, teaching is so fun! And you are going to love Sun Stand Still, well i did, It was amazing!!

  3. I love to get new books in the mail too. :)

  4. Happy Friday.
    visit from Friday blog hop.
    would be nice if you can visit and link up my blog Friday blog hop too.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love taking photos of the cherry blossoms! have a great weekend! :)

  6. Lots of great thingss going on! Love spring too!!! Yea and it looks like a few good reads there...enjoy the special day with your friend! Visiting from hop
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  7. Your cherry tree is so pretty!!

  8. Good to see I'm not the only one who's watching it!


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