April 22, 2013


Ahhhh. This weekend was so good! Definitely rejuvenated this girl. It feels like I didn't do much and I guess I didn't, but I spent a lot of time with some of my favorite people. We also added one to the family. Yup, another wedding.

FRIDAY was pretty uneventful. I caught up on some reading and blogging. I purchased my domain name, but had the darndest time getting it linked to this one. Anyone know a tutorial on doing this. I have tried tons and the steps they are showing give me an error every time!

 SATURDAY I tried working on the blog again with no success. I gave up and went to hangout with my bestie. {:HUGE NEWS she's preggers again. OH I am so excited. Now there will be 2 sweet peas to love on:}
Then that afternoon my long lost little sister came over. Okay, she isn't really my sister, but she should have been. We had some yummy Chick-Fil-A {:I cannot get enough of that place:} and drooled over Zac Efron watched The Lucky One.
Meanwhile in Alabama on Saturday my cousin Paul got married. Poor Allie is stuck with our family forever now. 

{:Aunt Paula and Uncle James:}
 {:Kiki: My great aunt:}

SUNDAY started with an INCREDIBLE message at church on faith. 
It was also very cool to see Pastor Beth on stage for P&W with her daughter {:on piano:} and her son {:on electric guitar:}. Love being lead by that family.

After church I went to visit a friend and had just the most amazing and real conversations. The kind where you cry together, laugh together, and pray together.

Later on that day I went for a run. Go me! I cannot remember the last time that happened.
I also got the mowing and laundry done AND went out for a girls night! 

My parents also celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary yesterday. Love them soooo much. Their marriage has blessed me and taught me so much.

Shoo, maybe I did do more than I thought. What an amazing weekend though filled with so much joy and happiness. My heart is overwhelmed. Thanks God.

Be sure to stop in next Monday because guess what! I have another wedding to go to this weekend {:I'm doing hair and make-up for the bride:} so there will be more wedding pictures. What girl doesn't love looking at wedding pictures, even if they are of total strangers? But you're welcome over to my little corner of bloggerland anytime!


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