May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters & Social Mix Bloghop

Oh Hello Friday, I am so excited to see you. Today you are bringing my 20 little, almost 1st grade, friends a lot of excitement because it's field trip day! I won't lie this teacher is pretty excited about our field trip to the zoo too. Dear Long Weekend: I like you…a lot. I wish you would come around more often, but then again summer break will do. So make these two weeks fly by quickly so it can be my 2 month long, long weekend wontcha? To the Creator of this Card: You are a geniuses! Seeing this card in Bed, Bath & Beyond made my day. I have been racking my brain of who will be the lucky recipient of it ever since.
Beautiful Mommies to Be: more and more of you keep popping up in my world and it could't make me smile any more. I can't wait to meet your little world changers and see all of your flourish in motherhood for the first or second time.  EEEK! To the Men & Women who serve our country and their Families: this just isn't said enough, but thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices you all make constantly. Leaving your families, and allowing your loved ones to leave must be one of the hardest things. Just know that you are thought of, appreciated, and prayed over.

Happy Friday Y'all

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Welcome to the weekend everyone!  
Kick off your shoes, pull up a seat and let's get Social!

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