May 8, 2013

Happy Hump-Day

I have to say, posting these outfit posts every Wednesdays has challenged me to create new outfits to show y'all. Some nights it takes a little longer to pick out the outfit for the next day because I am trying to come up with a new combination. But I love it because it forces me out of the same ol' same ol'.

This week was a little chillier at work but I still wanted a spring look so here is what a put tougher…
Skirt, Jacket, & Leggins: Charolette Russe
Tank: Target
Wedges: TOMS
Necklace: Kohls
Bracelet: God Chicks

Cardigan: GAP Outlet
Skirt & Scarf: Kohls
Necklace & Earrings: Premier

Cardigan: Kohls
Tank: Target
Slim Fit Pants: NY&Co.
Jewelry: Kohls
Wedges: Target

Then over the weekend I pulled this out of the matchbox closet.
Long Sleeve Shirt: Kohls
Grey Vest: Walmart {:no shame:}
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Sperry

Top: H&M
Pants & Heels: Kohls
Ring: NY&Co.

My favorite outfit of the week was probably the last one. It made me feel fierce hehe. What was your favorite?


  1. Eek! I thought I knew which would be my fav but kept scrolling and love so much about all of them!! The yellow cardigan and maxi is adorbs, that walmart vest and scarf...soooo cute!! And that H&M top with those pants! Amazing!!
    You look gorgeous!
    Ps. today is week 3 of my new fashion linkup called trending pretty, i just opened it and we've had an awesome turn out the last 2 weeks, would love to have you if you'd like!

  2. My favourites are the skirt in the first outfit and also the yellow cardigan

    1. I was proud of myself when I bought the yellow cardigan. I need more bright colors in my brown, black, and gray wardrobe.

  3. LOVE that black and white H&M top on you!!!

    1. Thanks so much! The best part is it was only $9!

  4. I love those slim fit pants- I am going to have to check out NY&Co! I've been needing some new work pants! I think my favorite is the last one too, love that top!

    1. NY&Co. is my go-to store for work pants! They usually have pretty frequent sales too

  5. I've been drooling over those Toms! Love!

  6. Hello! I’m visiting from Random Wednesday! Love that yellow cardigan... i need one in my life!

    Xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  7. Hi I found you threw the weekend blog hop. Love your outfits! I'm now following you on GFC and bloglovin:)


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