May 19, 2013

It's Sunday, Guess What That Means

Sunday Seven of corse.

I took last week off to celebrate my mamma. I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating  with your mama's or babies of your own.

Today will be a fun day. Church this morning and one of my kindergarten team members bridal shower this afternoon. It's always fun to share these special things with friends.

And today is about sharing pins. I hope you like these as much as I do…

{:Pinned here:}
classy and chic

{:Pinned here:}
Cute centerpiece for a spring or summer party

{:Pinned here:}
I may or may not be wearing this outfit today.

{:Pinned here:}
Buffalo Chicken Wreath…YUM

{:Pinned here:}
I don't just want this sign for the kitchen….I NEED it

{:Pinned Here:}
I am not even close to needing this piece of geniuseness, but I thought some of you might need this in the near future.

{:Pinned here:}
I want to add these to my shoe closet.

Happy Sunday

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  1. Lovely finds especially the shoes! Found you via blog hop and I am a new Bloglovin follower :)

    Melani @ MagsBeadsCreation


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