May 30, 2013

Why I Started Blogging

I realized while reading Kate's post that I don't think I have ever sat down to tell y'all about why I started blogging. Well, here it goes.

In a matter of a ten minute conversation last year my life got flipped, turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there to tell you how I became the princess of a blog about High Heels. {:Sorry I couldn't resist to show my child of the 90's side. Yeah, yeah I know the end didn't quite "flo" but I lack pigmentation in my skin okay!?:}

I started blogging last January after the mother of all break ups. You know the kind, the kind where wedding plans were already starting to be made, you are both talking about finances and how it is going to work, mailing addresses were changed, then boom the next day you are using his t-shirt to clean out the refrigerator as you sob uncontrollably. {:Not that, that ever happened!:}

I knew I needed something to take up the time I would have spent with him, talked to him, or thought about him. So i started this blog. I have always loved to write so I thought why not. Writing has always been therapy to me, and at that point I needed some serious therapy!

I never would have thought it would become such a love of mine. I mean who ever really thinks that html coding could be a blast? I sure never did, I didn't even know what the  heck that was! I had no idea there was even such thing as a "blogging community" and that I would actually find people on here and become friends with them. I read some of your blogs and I feel like part of the fam!

I still spend tons of time staring at a blinking cursor waiting for me to type away my thoughts all the while praying that a spectacular post that will go viral to just appear, but so far it hasn't. And I still curse those stinking "post titles". {:A girl only has so much creativity sometimes:} But I just love y'all and the comments you post. I absolutely love sharing my ordinary, everyday, blessed life with you. So thanks for reading.

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  1. I love reading why ppl start blogging. Sorry that yours wasnt in the most positive way.


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