June 28, 2013

Austin, TX Recap: WARNING Picture overload!

I went to visit this beautiful city for a couple of days and I fell in love. You know how a lot of trips have a song attached to them well this one is mine for my trip to Austin. So push play and scroll on through my Austin adventure.
I went down to Autsin to see some of my friends, Erica and Danny. They were the youth pastors at our church and I worked as a volunteer on their team for 5 years. God relocated them to Austin last summer to take over the youth ministries at a church down there called Shoreline.

So, I landed on Thursday afternoon and we went to a fun taco stand that had some amazing tacos! Then we just headed home for the night because traveling had whooped me.

Friday started off like this…
Holy amazingness. After this we went and hung out at the pool for awhile and I got myself some color finally! Later that night we went to an awesome pizza shop, Home Slice, and walked around downtown Austin for awhile. We stopped in one of the coolest candy shops called The Big Top {:look at those cuties:} and of corse since I was in Texas, I had to go in and try on some cowboy boots.
Now I thought I was going to the land of cowboys down in Austin, but if you ave ever been there you know that's not really the case. I think I saw one guy wearing a cowboy hat the entire time I was down there. Hipsters outnumber cowboys 1,000 to 1 in Austin. The city itself though feels very small town big city if that makes any sense.

Saturday Erica took me shopping at the Domain. It just so happen that the Taste of Austin was happening there that day and it was packed. It was such a cool atmosphere though with live bands and people literally dancing in the street. I had a blast. 

{:Of corse kids would play on an armadillo in Texas:}
{:A little selfie with Dan as we waited for my iced late:}

Later that day we met up with some of their friends to go to this amazing hamburger place called Hopdoddy's. It was definitely worth the hype. Then we headed to BlackFinn for dessert.

I was really excited to visit their church on Sunday. I love going to new churches and experiencing how they do things and watching how the people interact. I also got to hear Erica preach in their youth service, which was awesome. She is absolutely ridiculously filled with incredible wisdom. {:well that was a hot mess of a sentence, but I'll keep it:} It was very cool to see what God has called her and Danny to there. They are definitely making their mark on that church and their city.
The rest of the day we decided to just chill. We were all exhausted from the constant going that we all needed a day like that. So we took naps and hangout at the pool again.

Monday was my last day there so we packed it in with all sorts of fun stuff. We ate dinner at this awesome tex-mex place called Hula Hut on the water.

{:Our view from dinner:}

Then we hopped on a boat for a "bat adventure". There is a bridge on Lake Austin that houses 750,000 {:no thats not a typo:} underneath it. Every night at sunset the bats fly out for food. It's apparently a huge tourist attraction so we decided to check it out from the water.
{:It was Dan and Jewel's first boat ride:}

 {:It looks like we're on a roller coaster. Can you tell she is having fun?:}
{:Love this picture:}

Then there were the bats…
Isn't that nuts? You can see all the people lined up on the bridge to watch. And, there were probably at least 2 other boats out watching from the water like us.

Then after the bats, we had this amazing sunset on the water with unbelievable views of the city.

I hope Erica and Danny expect me to come back because you can't let me fall in love with your city and expect that I won't return :)

Happy Friday y'all.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Austin! I love allthe restaurants you went to... I always tell people you will eat your way through this city lol!

    1. It is so true. I can't even remember the last time I ate 3 full meals a day but it was put amazingness


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