June 13, 2013

Complete Randomness

Warning: this post contains nothing but pure randomness

Okay so I cannot start this blog off without giving a huge shout out to Marquis for giving this little blog of mine a fantastic makeover. She was a dream to work with and she has this eye for being able to pick up on exactly what you want in the smallest details without you even telling her. If you're in the blogging business and are looking for a makeover, check her out for sure. Oh and did I mention how fast she is?! I emailed her like Friday and she had it up and installed yesterday! You go girl.

My friends and I had this bon fire the other night. Which {:rabbit trail alert:} did you know that throwing flour on a fire turns a an ordinary bonfire into like a Harry Potter training school fire? It does. Try it; its super cool. Anywho….after we were bonfire and floured out we went in and listened to some classical music. {:Don't hate:} My friend introduced me to 300 violins? Have of heard of them?AMAZEBALLS! I am now listening to their channel on Pandora nonstop. Check it out. It's even on now as I type away my randomness.

I also teamed up with Ruthie Hart for her July giveaway. You can get in on the action by clicking here to enter and win a - medium ad space from Ruthie -a $20 Target gift card -2 $10 gift cards to Starbucks.

Tonight and last night I am going/went to seminars with Peter Daniels, the wealthiest man in Australia. I brought a pencil and notebook too because clearly there is something he knows that I do not.

Well I'm fresh out of randomness now. So until tomorrow lovely…and Brian {:probably the sole dude who will actually read this post, so he deserves a shootout:}
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  2. Thanks for the Shout Out!

    Brian :)


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