June 10, 2013

Just Not There Yet

If your like me, you're single and surrounded by married friends and friends that have started their families.  It is fun to watch and something that I desperately want, but I must face the facts and realize that I am just not there yet.  One day I will be a wife and mama, but for now I am only a single mom to a fur baby, and that's ok.

So I did a little investigating with my married girlfriends to see what they missed most about the single life. I thought it might shed some light on what us single ladies should be taking full advantage of while we're here hanging out in the single season. Ready, here it goes…

1-Girl Time {:This was the most repeated answer and most girl's number one:}
2-Enjoying the entire bed to yourself {:no snoring, talking, or unexpected thrashing:}
3-Living with girls {:apparently boys aren't as helpful when deciding on your wardrobe or ways to wear your hair:}
4-Having extra time to invest and mentor younger girls {:this is one I am choosing to be intentional about in my season!:}
6- Having extra time in general
5- One of my friends mentioned she wished she had taken the initiative to have an active, healthy lifestyle established before she got married and started a family.
6-Sleeping in {:from a mama:}
7-Only working around one persons schedule rather than two
8-Splurgining on a night out is much cheaper for one than two

Okay married ladies, what else needs to be added to the list?
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  1. Love this! Makes me feel better livin the single life ;)

  2. Being in that season is such a blessing! There are so many things to learn and experience:) I think i miss mentoring too. Once i got married, i had less of an open floor to do it, for some reason. This was a great post, Enjoy your single season!

    1. Thanks for being an example of someone who was patient enough to wait for the right one. Also an excellent lesson for us single ladies :)

  3. I like this post and the ideas as well. I do realize that being single sometimes does get boring and old. and you get jealous of what others have and want it so bad. But good things come with time and good things come to those who wait. and Everything happens for a reason. We'll get our turn gurl and when we do it'll be worth all this waiting we're doing.



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