June 20, 2013

Let's Play a Little Game of TRUE or FALSE {:Winner gets a prize:}

I am a huge fan of game nights with friends. Since I can't get all of you fabulous friends together for a game night at my house how about we just play on here? Even if you said no, it's my blog and we're going to play anyway ;) . Ok to play along, post your answers in the comments and I will give you the answers in a post next Tuesday. {:Hint: some of these answers can be found by perusing the blog:}


1) I have traveled out of the country 3 times.

2) I'm living out my childhood dream of being a teacher.

3) I was born in Chicago.

4) I have one brother who is 14 years older than me.

5) I have been in 6 weddings.

6) My dad was a real life cowboy.

7) My celebrity crush is Chris Pine.

8) My favorite band is The Band Perry.

9) My favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel.

10) I love coffee but I drink decaf.

11) Cooking is one of my passions.

12) I'm highly allergic to rabbits.

Ok Ready, Set, Go…

Oh and PS: Winner gets a free stiletto ad space for 2 months

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  1. #3 is false . Probably , lol ;)#10 also seems false ;/
    I am a new visitor , now a follower . So I pretty much have to stalk ;D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. If the one about you being born in chicago is true... we are twins! I was born there :-). And I hope you like cracker barrell because Jon and I are obsessed! There is one about 30 min from us and Jon always brings home chicken and dumplings when he travels since he passes it!

  3. I love games! Fun! {However, I am a brand new follower, so these are all going to be total guesses! :)}
    1. F
    2. T
    3. F
    4. T
    5. T
    6. T
    7. F
    8. F
    9. F
    10. F
    11. T
    12. T

    It will be fun to see how I did. :)

    1. Hey girl! Thanks for playing along. Shoot me your e-mail and we can get you hooked up for free ad space.


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