June 17, 2013

Miss USA Recap

Did you watch last night? I did. I was on he way to my friends house, but the alarm company called and said my alarm was going off. HELLO panic! The cops had to come search the house and thank the lord it was a faulty alarm, but holy heart attack! Then in my frenzy I locked my keys in the car. ..And I thought it was going to be an uneventful night.

Okay so back to the competition.

Hosts: I just love Giuliana Rancic. I didn't love the 2nd dress from last night {:I tried to find the picture but it still wasn't up. Try searching now:}. A bit to Barbie-esq for me.

Nick Jonas? I am not o sure the Jonas Brothers were quite the right fit for Miss USA.

The Top 15 were announced: Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, Connecticut, and Utah

These girls then competed in swimsuit.

Of corse being a WV girl I was excited for her. And she legitimately looked fantastic. I thought Alabama needed a cheeseburger, or 10. Her ribs were all I could look at.

My top 10 from swimsuit were: Utah, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Nevada, and Alabama

Well, I picked 9 of 10 Correct: Maryland didn't make it but Louisiana did.

Next phase of competition was evening gown: My favorite went to Alabama. I thought she knocked it out of the park with this classy yet sexy black dress. {:The picture doesn't do it justice:}

My other favorites were: IL, NV, and SC
I just feel like you can't go wrong with glass beading. The way they catch the stage lights is just spectacular.

Texas' dress was a good color I just wasn't feeling the rest of it. 

I'm not a fan of the rhinestone leotard looking dresses like NC had on, but she wore it well.

I felt indifferent on Connecticut's dress.

At this point in the competition my favorites were: Alabama, Nevada, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Illinois

The only one of my picks not in the top 5 was Nevada, instead Utah made it through. But, NBC threw the girls for a loop and added a 6th finalist voted on by the viewers via twitter. Texas took this spot.

Then for the daunting on-stage questions: First was a fluff question followed by the "real" questions.
Utah: It doesn't even matter how this poor girl answered the fluff question because no one will remember it because she BOMBED the second one so terribly. I mean I am pretty sure she is the next "map" pageant girl on YouTube. Poor thing.

Alabama: Her fluff question was about her OCD organization. Dumb question, but I thought she could have shown more personality when answering. Her second answer was solid though.

 Illinois: I loved her answers to both questions. She was very natural and relaxed.

South Carolina: The first thing I thought when she came up for her fluff question was how naturally gorgeous she looks. She seemed so genuine and sincere when answering the first question but seemed to get lost a bit in answering the more difficult political question.

Connecticut: I thought her fluff question was way harder than the other girls but she answered both questions well.

Texas: She was the best at answering these questions in my opinion. She was relaxed, natural, and to the point.

And how about Bettsy Johnson trying to spit out her question to the contestant. Ummmmm that may have topped Utah's answer.

I LOVED the outgoing Miss USA's farewell speech about personal perseverance. You go girl! 

Back to the competition...

I ranked the girls: 3rd RU: Conneticut, 2nd RU, South Carolina, 1st RU: Illinois; and my Miss USA was Alabama.

I seemed to have messed this one up, because they didn't match with the judges.

5th RU: Miss South Carolina {:This one shocked me:}

4th RU: Texas
3rd RU: Utah
2nd RU: Illinois
1st RU: Alabama 

MISS USA 2013: Miss Connecticut-Erin Brady

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  1. Stopping by from Wildcard Wednesday.

    I think Utah looks hottest in those ending pics you have there.

    Nope, I didn't see it. I heard about the brain fart answer though.

    1. Utah was gorgeous and probably a great girl that felt the nervs of millions watching her answer a question

  2. It's so weird because one of my blog friends - her sister is Miss Alabama and I've been seen her encouraging people to vote for her for weeks. I was so excited to see she took first runner-up - should Erin Brady win Miss Universe, Miss Alabama gets to take over the USA duties!

    1. Oh how very cool. My family is from Bama so I am almost always intuitaviley cheering on Bama and WV


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