June 2, 2013

My Favorite Pins from the Week

{:Pinned Here:}
Denim with pearls.
Loving the contrast of casual elegance

{:Pinned Here:}
I NEED this!

{:Pinned Here:}
Instead of a wreath. 
It could also be beautiful at a wedding on the entrance to the church.

{:Pinned Here:}
Glitter painted mason jars

{:Pinned Here:}
Adress stamp, so fun
And, perfect if you're getting married
{:Pinned Here:}
Loving her hair color and her make-up is gorge too

{:Pinned Here:}
Color block wedges, fun for summer.

Happy Sunday!
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  1. Love the denim & pearls...and that hair! Gorgeous!

  2. Good uck over the next 7 years! We will be following your journey online!
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