June 27, 2013

Same Kind of Different as Me-Book Review

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As many of you have read before, my goal this year is to read 20 books. Same Kind of Different as Me is book 10. Halfway there WOOHOO! My friend loaned me this book and said it was fantastic. I don't read many "story" type books but this one…oh em gee. As I started it, I wasn't so sure I was going to finish it, but man am I glad I did. Tears were rolling down my face as I finished this book on the plane home from Austin Tuesday. 

The book is about a homeless African-American man who grew up working on a plantation in Louisiana never knowing what it was like to own anything and a millionaire art seller from Texas. The story is about how these two mens lives cross and are forever marked by the impact they have had on each other. The thing that will grip your heart even more as you read this story is that it is true. I am so so glad I didn't put this book down and I encourage you to pick it up if your looking for your next good read. 

Tomorrow will be picture overload on the blog as I share with you my trip to Austin!
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