June 18, 2013

The Past Week in Pictures {:and a few words:}

I hung out at my parents poolside some this week. {:and turned myself into a lobster:}
 Gracie learned that she is now too big to fit through the fence.

This week I made angel food cake and have been eating it with cool whip and strawberries. Summer desert perfection! {:In case you were wondering:}

Every time I hear the music coming from this ice cream truck I turn into a little kid and just want to start sprinting towards it. So far I have restrained my 26 year old self but one day I just may have to succumb to the 6 year old in me.

Sunday nap time cuddles.

My sweet, beautiful cousin turned 27 Saturday so I had to throw this pic in to celebrate her. {:Yes, I am the bald one…my hair envy of her started at an early age:}

I did a little painting this week. I donated these to an auction we are having at the church to raise money for teens to go to youth camp. A tutorial to make your own can be found here.

I also had a bonfire with some friends. One of my favorite summer pastimes. 

What did you get into this week?

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