June 3, 2013

Things I have learned from my students this year

Today is the last day with 20 of the most precious, kind hearted, loving, hilarious 5 and 6 year olds I have ever had the privilege of knowing. My eyes are just tearing up thinking about how much I will miss them. Today is the day I release them from care and pray that I have built a solid foundation for them to build on. Today is the day I release them from my room into their destinies that I have found myself praying for so many times.

I am sure today I will receive a few unnecessary thank you gifts from students and their families. But, I am the one that should be thanking each and every parent for having the privilege of being apart of their child's life for a short 9 months.

This year has gone by way to fast. Although I am the teacher and I am suppose to have taught them, they have taught me far more.

One of my little friends has shown me what a positive attitude can do in the midst of our struggle. This little guy has struggled academically all year, but he has never let a smile leave his lips. I will dearly miss his smiles every morning and his hugs every afternoon before he gets on the bus. I pray he remains this way forever and that I can be just as positive in the midst of my struggles.

Another of my students has been the face of strength and courage. She lost her mother unexpectedly 2 years ago, but she is one of the strongest little 6 year olds I have ever met. She is like "emotional glue." She talks about her mom, but she always has a clear view of the future. She unites and heals people with her smile and kind, innocent heart-something we all could learn a thing or two about.

I've also relearned the power of encouragement. One of my students might be the most encouraging person I have ever met. I am always met by a smile and a sweet comment like "Miss Miller did you know your the most beautifulest teacher in the world?" or "Miss Miller the world needs more people like you." Is your heart melting yet? Mine did on a daily basis and I know that if her encouragement and love did that for me, the best way I can remember her is to pay that same love and kindness forward.

This year several of my boys are the picture of perfection when it comes to compassion. Not an adjective used when discussing little rough, tough boys, but it was the case this year in my room. So often I would see the little guys in my class going up to a classmate who was out the day before and asking if they were okay and feeling better. Or I cannot tell you the ties they ran up to me out of concern that another student in our class may be sad, upset, or hurt. I wonder what our immediate worlds would look like if we all were that compassionate towards each other.

I could go on and on, but I will conclude with this one last lesson one of my sweet kindergarten students taught. Determination. This particular little girl was born with an arm that only extends to her elbow and a leg on the same side that only goes to her calf. To watch this stunningly beautiful little girl in class and at recess would absolutely amaze you. I can count on one hand the things she is unable to do. She never makes an excuse that she cannot do something because she isn't "the same" as the others, she simply finds her own way. I need to remember her determination and strength the next time I start to complain about the luxuries of living my easy life.

So to Miss Miller's Kindergarten class, thank you for the lessons, hugs, and smiles everyday. It would be impossible to forget you.
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  1. Beautiful, it's amazing how much children can teach us!

    Domesticated Breakdown

    1. So much, I love taking time to remember these things

  2. Wow! What a special post! The one who's mother passed..goodness i can't even imagine!

    1. I had her brother right after it happened and it just breaks my heart but dad is super hero! Definitely inspiring.


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