June 12, 2013

This Was a "Toughie One"

Haha did you hear Shakira on the voice when she said that ^. Aw poor girl was trying.

Anyway, I told you in last Wednesday's post that it would be slim pickings for this weeks wardrobe post. And I was definitely not kidding. This past week was filled with many a v-neck t's and ripped jeans as I cleaned out my classroom. I also spent an entire day in my pajamas {:picture DEFINITELY not included:}, slept in until 11:30 a couple of days, and took random naps during the day while watching marathons of Friends, Randy to the Rescue, and Sex in the City. As you can see I am obviously super productive therefore having so many fashionable outfits. NOT

But, I'll show you what I do have for the week, because thats what we do on Wednesday right?
I wore this outfit to the last day of work on Thursday. 
Still very casual but I threw all caution to the wind and wore something other than a v-neck.
Pink Shirt: Aerie by American Eagle
Jeans: Just U.S.
Flip Flops: Candies for Khols

 Saturday night I had a nice dinner at a local restaurant so I got to get a little dressed up.
What girl doesn't like to do that?
I debated on wether to wear heels or sandals with the dress, but not knowing how fancy the dinner was I thought sandals were the safe bet. 
{:Turns out I could have worn the heels. When in doubt just throw on a pair of heels:}
Dress: TJ Max
Sandals: Target
Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Then this is what I wore to church on Sunday
Dress: Target
Slingback Wedges: Candies for Kohls
Earrings: NY&Co.
Bracelet: Forever 21

This week I plan to get out of the house more so I may have 4 full outfits to show you next week…maybe.

Oh, and PS my nail color is Bachelorette Bash by Essie….Loving this color for summer.

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  1. I loooove the black dress! So happy I found your blog!

    1. Thanks, I am in love too. It is my first high/low dress.

  2. Cute black dress! I really like the detail on the back.

  3. The back of that black dress is diviiiiiiiiine!!!!!

  4. Grabbed your grab button. You look great. Pic would've been better and looked better if you would've looked straight ahead and smiled instead of looking down at your phone. :D Just a helpful tip.

  5. Yes, when in doubt go with heels! :-) Stopping over from Wildcard blog party.

    Your blog is super cute!

  6. Hey is the black one recent. We might have to make a mad dash to TJ Maxx or in Ireland they call it TK MAXX grab it up have coffees and say goodbyes when I get back to the states before I leave for charleston... And please come visit me this summer all this blogging about no one to hang with well my friend we got an apartment to decorate :)

    1. HAHA Okay! And yes I just got the black dress at TJ Maxx a week ago. I'll be heading back from Austin on Tuesday so I will for sure text you xxx

  7. Ps ill be back in FL on Tuesday text me

  8. looking nice in flat wears.....................visit our sites for getting high heels on another stylish trendy footwear or clothes.


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