June 25, 2013

True or False Answers

Today is the day you find out all the answers from Thursdays True or False Game. Here it goes…

1) True. I have only been out of the country on a cruise to Jamaica, Mexico, and Australia.

2) This one is FALSE. My childhood dream was to be a ballerina. I didn't decide to be a teacher until college.

3) TRUE. Because I am such a big Alabama fan most people think I was born there, but I wasn't. My mom was. I lived in a suburb of Chicago until I was seven and then moved to WV for my dads job.

4)  TRUE again. My brother is 14 {:almost 15:} years older than me. 

5) FALSE I have only been in 4 weddings. 

6) TRUE. He wasn't just a cowboy, he was once the 7th in the world. I mean, he was kinda a big deal.

7) TRUE TRUE TRUE If you have been following my blog for a bit you would know that Chris Pine and I are getting married. I'll send you an invite when this happens.
Holly drool worthy!

8) FALSE While I do love The Band Perry, Hillsong United or Lady Antebellum are my fav-or-ite.

9) Lies! This one is totally FALSE. I despise Cracker Barrel. If they all burnt I would be cool with that. You know without anyone inside obviously but none the less burn to the ground. {:The store could stay, that place is kinda cool:}

10) TRUE. I love coffee but in order to get healthier I switched to decaf at the beginning of this year.

11) So totally FALSE. I don't hate to cook, but the fire alarm often serenades me if I'm in the kitchen.

12) TRUE. If I am around a rabbit my eyes will swell shut. We often have animals come to the school for the kids to pet and I never can go out with them. I tried to the first year I taught but I couldn't see for the rest of the day.

So how did you do? I'll announce the winner soon 

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  1. How do you hate Cracker Barrel?! That place is my heaven and I only get to experience it when I go visit Florida.

    I do understand your Chris Pine love - though unfortunately, he's already married to me, so it might be tough for you guys to have a wedding. :-P

    1. I know I know. My dad use to force me to eat Cracker Barrel too many times after church and it ruined me.


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