June 30, 2013

What's in a Name: The Meaning Behind the Blog

I thought today I would share a little bit of my thought process with you behind the blog name "My Life in High Heels". 

There's a lot of "surfacy" reasons behind the name: it's cute, I'm the girl whose more comfortable in heels than sneakers, girls bond over shoes, and I am a shoe fanatic. 

Those reasons were all the first reasons that came to mind in picking the name, but now that I have thought about the name of the blog and what I want it to represent, it's become a little deeper.  

When I was a little girl I remember walking through the store begging for a pair of high heels. My mom seemed to tell me I was too young FOREVER. So I always dreamed of the day I would get to wear high heels with my Sunday dress. There is just something about little girls {:and big girls too:} and their high heels. When you wear them you walk differently, your posture changes, and you suddenly feel put together and more confident. 

The first time most of us put on high heels we were clumsy and awkward and had to learn to walk in them. When we did learn to walk in them we realized they could give us sore feet and blisters. {:Those things were not included in our childhood daydreams of high heels:} 

When you walk in high heels you have to be a bit more careful to, because even though they make you feel like a million bucks, they can easily become your biggest embarrassment when your heel seems to find the only crack in the sidewalk and you come crashing to the ground as your dress somehow stays up. 

This blog is kind of like those high heels. My goal is to create blog posts that make you giggle and also make you feel like the beautiful woman you are, tips on makeup, hair and fashion that might make you feel more confidentI and pictures of shoes so we can all relive those little girl day dreams about that pair of heels we so desperately want to slip on our feet. I also want this blog to be a source of encouragement for the days when you do fall in the crack on the sidewalks and walking in high heels, walking out your day to day life, is challenging. 

So my hope is that you find all of those things here.

Walking in high heels isn't always easy, but it's always worth it.

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  1. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and still rocking my heels! I'm just more comfy in them! Cute story!

  2. i love to wear high heels..in which style of heel you feel comfortable you have to prefer that style any time or in any wedding .!!

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