July 29, 2013

Baggage Claim

Sometimes there are moments in life that you just have to choose to let go. Often, nothing catastrophic happens to make you come to this realization. A lot of times it's just something that has been lingering in your mind for days, weeks, moths, even years that you know you need to let go of and there just comes a day where you decide today is the day to let it all go

What I mean is we all carry around "baggage". Your baggage might be from your childhood hurts, wrong decisions in your past, past relationships, friendships that turned bad, a secret addiction, a lie you've been telling yourself or others, chances are you can probably pinpoint your own baggage pretty easily. What if today you decided to drop your baggage and let it go? What if you forgave your parents for constantly fighting as you were growing up? What if you forgave yourself for all the past mistakes and stopped carrying around the regret? What if you forgave and chose to move on from your past relationships and friendships and stop living in the hurt? What if… 

We visit the land of "what if" often only in our imaginations because it's the land of unknown and it would be too scary to actually go and stay. We get so comfortable and use to carrying around our baggage that we would rather carry the heavy stuff and be burdened by it than let it go. Why? Because it's what we know, it's what we have become comfortable with, and what if letting go of the baggage let's people actually see who we really are in our most vulnerable state? 

There is no 5 step process on letting go and there is no neon blinking sign saying "today is the day" {:however you could consider this as one:}. You just have to love yourself enough to make the choice.

Now for the fun part of letting go. Once you've made the choice to let go, do something on the outside that reflects the change on the inside - redecorate, go shopping for some new clothes or shoes, or start a workout and nutrition program.

 Recently I decided to let go of some bags that I have been carrying for too long, years honestly. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night and realize it was time to let go. I just decided to love myself enough to let go. And, to remind myself of the fact that I let go, I dyed my hair. It seems silly, but now every time I look in the mirror I see an external difference that reminds me of a change that I have chosen to make internally. I love that I have that constant reminder when I look in the mirror every day because often letting go isn't something you do once, rather it is something you have to do every day. 

{: A peek at the new color change:}

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg


  1. Such a great post and message! I love the color change:)

  2. You look great! Love the new color! This post holds so much truth and something, I think, everyone can relate to.

  3. great post!! it is amazing how much baggage can stick with us. so true. thanks again!

  4. Feels good to get that weight off sometimes.. we all have it..it's how we carry it ;) Thanks for the great words.


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