July 6, 2013

Been There, Pinned That

You're probably like me and have spent far more time on Pinterest than any one of us would like to admit {:most of those hours late in the night when we should be sleeping:}. I have pinned countless Pins and have tied a lot of the ideas I find on there, some which have worked wonderfully and others {: which you can read here:} that were a big flop. In today's post I'll share the ones that worked, and feel free to comment with others that you have tried and loved.

I just tried this one the other day. I have a microfiber couch that I love, but since Gracie has been around I have found more stains on it. The other day I was in a cleaning mood and decided to try this pin for cleaning my couch. AWESOME! I was shocked at how dirty my couch really was even in spots it didn't look that bad.
{:Pinned Here:}

These little puppies, stuffed mushrooms, are amaze-balls and easy. I have taken them to a couple different events and they are always a huge hit. People go crazy for them.
{:Pinned Here:}

When I paint my nails, it takes them forever and a day to dry! I saw on Pinterest to soak them in ice cold water. I tried it, it felt like my fingers might fall off, but it worked. Three minutes of pain in ice water was worth it.
{:Pinned Here:}

I keep this little guy in the shower with me. It's filled with vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap {:the exact amount is in the pin:}. I scrub down the shower really quick when I'm ready to get out and it keeps it clean. For major scrub downs do the mixture in a spray bottle {:microwave the vinegar first;} , spray your shower, walk away for a couple of hours, then come back and rinse it down. It's fantastic.
{:Pinned Here:}

I am notorious for doing dumb stuff on my stove top, like putting the bread bag on a hot eye, and this pin is a life saver! How to make your cooktop shiny and new again.
{:Pinned Here:}

What have you tried that worked out, or didn't work out at all?

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