July 13, 2013

Breakthrough 2013

As you might have seen in Monday's post, I spent the past 5 days at camp with over 100 of the most amazing teens on the planet. Monday morning 120 of us loaded into one charter bus, three 15 passenger vans, two SUVS, one massive truck, and two cars and rolled down the road 3 hours to Scottsville, VA where Watermarks Camp is located.  What we experienced there was an unmistakable, beautiful movement of God. I have been blessed to go to youth camps in the past with our youth, but I am always blown away by how God works in new and incredible ways each year. No two years are ever the same. 
I'm sure there are words to describe what happened at Breakthrough this year, but I just don't know what they are. Too often I use the words "amazing" and "awesome" to describe what God is doing in the hearts of this generation and it just seems to sell His power short since I use those same words to describe my taco.  
If I had to pick 2 words to describe the theme of this years camp they would be Freedom and Unity
Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable I'll just share some pictures from the week.
These adorable girls were in my van on the way down. These are the faces of champions; they traveled 3 hours in a van with no AC in the hot and humid July heat and never complained! 

Gaga Ball was a game we were all introduced to a camp. You basically put a bunch of people in a pig pen and let them throw the ball at each other from the knees down. I was horrible at it and was usually one of the first 5 people out.

The boys decided to squish one of our seniors, Robby. His face is priceless. Crazy to know this kid is going to be a senior; I've known him since he was probably 7. How has he gotten older and more mature, yet I haven't?

The second night of worship was insane! Everyone expects God to show up on the last night of camp, but God made it known that we cannot possibly put what He wants to do in and through these young people in a box of our limited imagination. 

Wednesday our pastors treated the leaders to lunch and ice cream while the amazing Watermarks camp staff took care of our youth for the day. I am challenged, inspired, and grown by these amazing leaders on a daily basis. {:Disclaimer: we look like we were at camp. Don't judge. We didn't have a shower longer than 3 minutes the entire week:}

Like I said, while we went out the staff at the camp took our youth. They completed an obstacle and ropes course with them, but not before they got drenched in the downpour. The leaders got back to our cabins just before the rain dumped on us and were all nice and dry….I can't say the same for the teens. Soaked doesn't even begin to cover it.

But the rain didn't stop them from having a blast. They turned the skate ramps they have there into slides, played basketball, and just hangout together in the rain. I think they loved this just as much as the activities we did.

Every year we do a team building dance/chant to a popular beat with our cabins. This year we gave the activity a twist. Some of the leaders picked out the 13 chapters from the Bible that make you say "what the heck did I just read?" make you feel awkward, or are just straight up hilarious. Wednesday night the boys preformed their chapters. We heard about women eating their children {:2 Kings 6:}, how we should get those who are homeless and impoverished drunk so they will forget their pain {:Proverbs 31:}, and bears eating children for making fun of Elisha's bald head{:2 Kings 2:23:}. It was so funny. The goal was to get the kids wanting to read their Bibles and it totally worked because we heard them telling their parents they had to read such and such chapter because it was so weird.

My favorite picture from the week.

Thursday night was the girls turn to perform their weird and random Bible chapters. This night we were enlightened on how a woman must cut off her hand if she touch a man's gentiles, if her husband dies she must marry and have babies with his brother {:the bible said it not me-Deuteronomy 25:} and other Bible randomness. These ladies above won the girls competition.

 These are the six fun,awesome, gorgeous girls in my cabin from the week. I don't have a single serious picture of us, so this one is as close as it gets. Love these girls and their hearts. So much freedom and purpose in this picture. It just makes me smile thinking about the unique things God did in and though every single one of them.

My van on the way home. Exhausted, but thankful to have a van with AC on the way home!

I'll leave you with just a small taste of our nights in service. SO thankful to be a part of this week and what God is doing in this generation.  

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  1. awesome. I know you feel blessed as well as changed and that you learned alot during this time. will check out that det 25 deal. never heard of that but then again i dont read my bible like i should.

    hope you'll stop by my site some time and hope you have a great weekend.



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