July 17, 2013

Not Sweet 16 Anymore

I went shopping at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago and while I found several things to buy, it dawned on me that some {:okay more like a lot:} of the clothes in there were "too young" for me. Maybe you can relate. I am now at this in between age where I still want to be fashionable and in style, but I don't want to look like I am trying to be 16 again. I have a career, a home, and I don't care to wear shorts that are shorter than the pocket linings in them.There is definitely line. A couple of stores that really help me find that balance are H&M and NY&CO.
This entire outfit is H&M, except the sandals which are from Target. I like it because it brings in the neon trend without being too teeny bopper.

 This tank with silver stud embellishment is from NY&Co. I threw this outfit on for a day of grocery shopping. Very little effort went into thinking about what to wear and it still looked put together - in case I ran into anyone I knew. 
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Forever 21 & Alter'D State
Earrings: NY&CO

The last outfit works for professional dress. It incorporates the polka dot trend through the top, which is from Forever 21, but pairing it with tailored pants makes it age appropriate.
Pants: NY&CO
Wedges: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

What's your favorite "age appropriate" store? I need to expand my horizons. 

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  1. Love the outfits! I tend to shop at Express for age appropriate outfits & work clothes. I always find good deals at Kohls'. Found you from the Wildcard linkup :-)

  2. Love all of your outfits. I've been reading so many fashion blogs lately and I'm def. feeling inspired by them and you to kick up my style. You are very "age appropriate," I must say!

  3. I need you to come and redo my closet. I love all the clothes.

  4. I love all these outfits!!!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks and thanks so much for hosting the link up.

  5. These outfits are adorable.
    Found you on Link Up.


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