July 8, 2013

One of my favorite weeks of the year...

Youth Camp! I absolutely love the privilege of being a leader in our youth ministry, especially the week of camp. Every year God shows up without fail in new and stunning ways. I have loaded up in vans, busses, and cars with students who would have literally rather break their leg than go to camp and have reloaded those same vehicles with those same youth who were completely changed and on fire for Jesus. Every year I am reminded how limitless God is and how much he can do when we turn off to the rest of the world and choose to just be in his presence.

In honor of leaving for camp today I thought I would post some photos from the last few years of camp and a video glimpse of what the week looks like for us. And whenever you think about us, send up a prayer for us to see God in new and fresh ways. We are READY!

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg


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