July 9, 2013

Shoes Wisely: Choosing the Right Shoe for Every Occasion {:Book Review:}

A book about shoes AND Jesus?! How could I not read it???? In all seriousness this was a great book. It was the title that caught my eye and made me purchase it, but I read it in no time flat. It's an easy read and so applicable and eye opening. Dr. Wendy Treat relates shoes to the spiritual mindset we need to wear as we walk through our lives. She talks about how our dancing shoes are necessary. Dancing shoes symbolize  choosing joy in our everyday lives and being intentional about giving ourselves a reason to smile and laugh. Other times it s necessary to lace up our boxing shoes to fight the enemies plans for our lives. She goes though a number of different shoes and relates it beautifully to how we must position ourselves and our thoughts towards every circumstance that comes our way. 
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