July 24, 2013

Sometimes I wish my post would title themselves...

Why is it so hard to title post sometimes? There should be a button on the sidebar that says "generate post name." Oh, a girl can dream huh? 
Truth time. When I sat down to write and edit pictures for this wardrobe wednesday post I felt as though I had done a lot better job about getting dressed this past week than I apparently did. Truth is, I only have 3 outfits to show you because I am pretty much soaking up all the no makeup, gym short wearing, sun tan slathering days I have left of summer break. But heres what I do have…
Skirt: Kohls
Tank: H&M
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Premier

Tank: Kohls
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Kohls
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Target

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Target
Wedges: Kohls
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

 photo signature1copy_zpsad4ddfa4.jpg
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  1. I am maxi obsessed! And love the shorts outfits..super cute! Post titles? Yeah, sometimes I feel like that is the hardest part of the post haha


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