July 12, 2013

This is how you really get to know a girl

They say you should never look through a woman's purse, but today I am giving you a free pass. I saw posts like this awhile back but never made a post about it, so today's the day.
This is my summer purse from Kohls and this is what I keep in there...

I was actually shocked how little was in my purse. Normally there are all sorts of random things like socks, earrings, and who knows what else.
1: My keys of corse
2: I carry a notebook with me to write down those random thoughts you don't want to forget
{:I did realize in this project that I have a handy dandy notebook, but no pen:}
3: Checkbook
4: Michael Kors Glasses
5: My makeup bag
6: Guess Wallet
7: Credit Card Holder: I keep my credit cards separate from my wallet so if someone takes my wallet, they don't get everything.
Sometimes I carry my phone in my purse but most of the time it is in my hand or in my pocket because I have an obsession with my phone, it's a problem. I'm working on it though!

The real weight of my purse is in this bag…
1: My compact for necessary touchups, especially in the hot summer sun
2: Hand sanitizer because I am certain that many public sinks give you more germs than they eliminate
3: A blush brush, but my blush somehow disappeared
4: 3 nail files….I suppose just one would suffice huh?
5: Lotion
6: My favorite egg chapstick
7: Color Whisper lipstick in Berry Read
8: Mary Kay oil blot pads
9: Hairband and bobby pins because I would rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them
10: Lip gloss fro Bath & Body,Vanillamint,  and Victoria Secret

I'm not one of those girls who refuses to leave her house without her purse, but I NEVER leave the house without my cell phone and lip gloss.

What is it you can't leave the house without?

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  1. Smart idea!...a little pouch within your purse...I always lose the little stuff haha


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