August 9, 2013

I Have This Problem

Today I was at work in my classroom and as any teacher can relate I spent a good half of my time at school today catching up with my colleagues that were there. We were of corse going over summer festivities and discussing the upcoming year and what is going on in our lives now when one of my coworkers pointed out that I may quite possibly have an addiction to chaos.

See I was telling her about the craziness that is going on in my world at the current moment. Because first you must know that the months of August and September are absolutely exhausting for any teacher, but I am a kindergarten teacher and that brings a new level of exhaustion I believe. Not only am I trying to get a class in order, I am helping these tiny five year olds learn what a line is and how we walk in it and that my name is not Mommy it is actually Miss Miller. And yes. you actually do have to do this every day, and no you don't get to try it out for a week then go home and watch Sponge Bob on the couch with your bowl of cheerios at 1pm. 
As if that is not enough, I am also helping to plan a women's conference at our church for about 350 women. {:This pretty much is the equivalent of planning a wedding for that same number of people:}Don;t get me wrong i absolutely LOVE doing it but it definitely takes time and planning to do.

So now you can already get the feel that I have a lot going on. BUT WAIT as if that isn't enough I have decided to remodel my kitchen. Why not tear out all the counter tops and replace them, add new cabinetry, and paint the old all while planning an event for 350 women and starting out another school year? I mean I couldn't have had this genius plan at the beginning of summer when my time was endless? Of corse not, and now I am too excited and impatient to put it off until next summer.

Therefore, today I confess that I may or may not have an addiction to mayhem. My life is crazy and it is chaotic but some people just do well under those conditions. I think I may be one of them. And well, if not then I very well may be just a crazy Miss Frizzle type. Geesh I hope the first is correct! 

Oh, and here is a picture of my dad and I at our county fair watching the bull riding last night. {:He was once seventh in the world ya know:} It has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but it's like an unspoken rule that you must have a picture in every post. So there ya go.

Happy weekend lovely,
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  1. Sounds like you've got a chaotic couple of months here! Good luck with everything!

  2. Girl you are going to be busy but I am pretty much the exact same. I love to be overly busy and don't really know why. I think all the things you are involved in are amazing and you will be fine! I can't wait to see the remodel! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy it!

    1. Thanks girl! Good luck with the start of a new year and third grade. You'll be fantastic. That lucky bunch of kiddos

  3. BUSY!!!!!! You're the least bit boring that's for sure :)

    P.S. I tagged you in a game on my blog.


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