August 22, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

There was this one time I played basketball with Jerry West which was pretty awesome. {:If you're note a basketball fan, Jerry West is in the NBA hall of fame is also the silhouette in the NBA logo.:} It's definitely something not many people have the opportunity to do. But there are a lot of other things that are a bit more common that I have never done.


~Been snow skiing or boarding
~Worn pajama pants in public {:I seriously hope you haven't either. That's a good way to end up on one of those embarrassing wal-mart pics:}
~Broken a bone
~Fallen asleep in the movie theatre
~Shot a gun {:I mean this is shocking since I do live in WV:}
~Donated blood {:I am a chicken:}
~Read a Twilight or Hunger Games book, or even wanted to
~Worn camo
~Eaten Nutella
~Watched the Goonies or The Sand Lot
~Missed an episode of Nashville or Smash
~Received a speeding ticket
~Been the Maid of Honor in a wedding {:I've been in 6:}
~Liked cheesecake
~Posted a "selfie" on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook {:As long as a pic of me and Gracie doesn't count:}
~Read an entire book in one day {:and I read all the time and love it:}
~Switched careers after college
~Been to a professional football or basketball game
~Slept in a hotel alone
~Read or watched Charlotte's Webb
What would I be surprised to know about you?
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  1. I've never been snow skiing or snowboarding, broken a bone, or donated blood either. I have definitely worn camo, read The Hunger Gams and Twilight books, liked cheesecake, and read an entire book in one day though!

    This was a fun post! I may have to do my own list some time.

  2. I've never donated blood either! or eaten Nutella, or fallen asleep in a movie dad, however, has and it is really embarrassing haha :) Cute post!

  3. Sadly I have worn PJ pants in public...I was in college and thought it was acceptable (it wasn't). I also LOVE Nashville! Such a great show! But I have never been to a professional football or basketball game (that changes tonight woo!) and I have never slept in a hotel alone or read a book in one day! Great post!

  4. Hunger Games will for sure take your reading a book in one day off the list ;)

  5. That's a fun list - very creative!! Stopping by from Random Wednesday! hope you'll come visit me, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway!

    xo Lulu


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