August 12, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

Do you remember putting puzzles together when you were a child. I remember putting them together and all the puzzle pieces were together except for just that last one. I knew just what puzzle piece went where, but I just couldn't seem to fit it in. I would try forcing it in the way I thought it would go. I would flip and turn it, but it just wouldn't seem to fit. It wouldn't fit until my mom or dad would take their hand over mine and place the very last puzzle piece into the puzzle exactly the way it was suppose to be.

I think this happens a lot in our lives. We have this puzzle called life, and so many of the pieces are together, but there are a few that are still missing. We search and search for those missing pieces and even try force the pieces from another puzzle in the slot of the missing puzzle piece. Maybe you feel like the only missing puzzle piece in your life is a the perfect job. You feel this so strongly that the rest of the puzzle is falling apart because you're so insecure about the one piece that is missing rather than being thankful for the 99 other pieces that are fitting perfectly. Or maybe you feel like the missing piece is a husband. So you are trying to force a piece {:a guy:} into your life puzzle that doesn't fit, but rather fits into someone else's perfectly. Fitting any puzzle piece from any puzzle won't complete your puzzle.

Or maybe you are like me when I was young and you are holding the last piece of the puzzle in your hands, but you just can't seem to make it fit. You have turned it every way possible and even tried to force it into the missing spot. You could be totally right and holding the correct last piece to your puzzle but you feel God telling you no. Just because there is a no from God today doesn't mean there is a no from God later. He may be developing your puzzle {:heart, character, emotions:} to be strong enough to withstand that final piece.

Whether we are trying to force a piece that doesn't fit into our puzzle or whether we are holding the right piece in our hand and can't seem to make it work, know that all we need to do is let our Heavenly Father take our hand in his and guide our puzzle piece in perfectly, and at the perfect time.
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