August 15, 2013

Shut Down Mode

I have a confession today. Remember how I said in this post I might have a problem? Well, today confirmed it. I had an emotional breakdown on the phone with my poor mama as I drove home from school. But, after going on 14 hours of work/working at home, I think I am finally making progress with all the things I need to get done. But, having progress there means my brain has shut down and I have no real post for you today. Instead I am sending you over to the adorable, and gorg Alexa's slice go blog heaven where I did a little q&a post for her. Check it out here.
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  1. Im your newest follower and loving your blog

  2. I loved having you on my blog today, pretty girl! Hope your day was better than yesterday :) Cheers, it's almost the weekend!

  3. Hope today was better than yesterday! Sometimes all you need is a good cry/vent fest, a break from technology and yummy treats (along with a few deep breaths) to feel at ease again :)


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