August 20, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries-The Waiting Game

And every single girl with a biological clock ticking said….amen. Nooooot quit what I was going for with that title, so put your ticking time bomb away for a hot minute while you read today's post.

Here is the actual thought I want to sit on for today:

The right person at the wrong time will equal destruction.

Just look at the prodigal son. Have you heard of this kid in Luke 15? Well let me sum it up for you, he is a brat who learns a hard lesson. You see he had a brother and went to his father and demanded that his father give him his inheritance now. The father complied and the son took his inheritance to Vegas and blew it all in the first casino leaving him broke as a joke out on the strip sleeping on a cardboard box. {:Okay that may or may not be my own translation, but if he lived in 2013 I'm pretty sure that's what would have happened:}.  Anyways he decided to go home because even the servants at his father's house lived in better conditions and were treated better than he was at the time.

So see, the prodigal son got his inheritance, which he was going to get of corse, just not then. He was going to get it when his father saw it fit to give it to him {:probably when he was less of a brat and a bit more mature:}. Instead he demanded it on his time and it brought him destruction.

Listen my single super-fox girlfriend, don't be like this kid. Don't force yourself into a relationship just because you are lonely and want one. A relationship at the wrong time will cause you destruction. If you haven't experienced this, ask any other single girl and I am sure she would be willing to tell you all about the destruction it caused in her heart and possibly her life. And heavens to betsy girlfriend a MARRIAGE at the wrong time will equal destruction. Do not get married to just anyone because you are desperate to be married like every other girl in your world. Trust me, I get it, but if you force yourself into a marriage you aren't certain of or ready emotionally for your relationship will destruct your life, because you weren't meant to be married to that guy or at that time.

Maybe you are single, but you strongly believe you know who you will marry. You may be right, but I am about to tell you something that is going to make you want to punch me in the face {:thank goodness this is a blog and not a real coffee shop chat:}. Be patient. Even a relationship with the right guy at the wrong time will end up in destruction. You may have even experienced this. You forced a relationship that neither of you were ready for and it ended in destruction because you refused to wait for your provision on God's terms.

Wait on God and his timing. He is strengthening, growing, stretching, preparing your heart and character for exactly the one He has planned for you. Know that he has heard the desires of your heart and he will give them to you if you are only willing to wait on His timing and His blessing.

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  1. I LOVE this! It really is true, I agree, I think that there is some sort of destiny for us but I think timing has a LOT to do with it! But I think if it is the right one it is worth the wait : )

  2. You know I love these posts! I kind of think you may secretly be stalking my life and are posting exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it :)

  3. Another great post girl! All of what you said is making a lot of sense and is reinforcing that my last relationship was really not the right one for me to have for the rest of my life. Definitely makes it easier now to be happy it ended even though at the time I was heartbroken.


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