August 6, 2013

The Single Girl Diaries - What's Defining You

Do you have any common phrases that just annoy you? One annoying phrase I always say is "fixin"-like I am fixin to go to the mall. People always get on me for that one. But the phrase that drives me nuts is when people call their spouse or significant other their "better half" or their "other half". I've even had people say to me "Amber, we're going to find you your other half." Um excuse me, I'm not broken, I'm single!! Thanks. That's why I hate when people say that because even though they don't realize what they are saying, they are implying that if you aren't married or with someone you must be broken, or not completely whole. Not true. I am single, and I am fine. I am not broken, and I am not looking for someone to complete me. I am already complete and when I do find that someone he will be the most wonderful addition, but he still will not complete me or make me whole. So if you are a married soul who is reading this, do us single chicks a favor and stop saying this around us. {:Please and thank you:}

My question for you singles in this post is what's defining you? Do you allow your singleness to define you or are you choosing to define your singleness? Although its just a flip flop of words the effects of choosing one over the other will affect everything in this season of your life.

Just because your single doesn't mean you need to run to the local pet store and load up on cats to bring home. Being single is a season in our lives, and hopefully this will be our last season of singleness ever, so why not milk it for all it's worth. This may be the last time in your life that you are able to eat ice cream for dinner because the future hubs will probably require meat. This may be the last season that you can do the wobble in you're underwear 5 times and count it as a workout without someone else knowing. This is a season where you have no one to report to.  You can go out with your girlfriends on a whim, take random road trips, travel abroad, volunteer in your church or community, invest into being the best at your job or school work. This is a season that can literally be all about you and investing in yourself to be the best that you can be. So when you do meet that guy you know you have a lot to offer.

Instead of focusing on being single, capitalize on it. Wouldn't you rather look back on your single season and be able to say you thrived rather than just endured?

Singleness Says: All my friends are married.
The Confident Single Chick Says: Haha! While all my friends are forced to watch every football game imaginable Saturday and then the replays for the rest of the week on reruns of Sports Center I am watching a marathon of Giuliana & Bill followed by 6 hours of FRIENDS.

Singleness Says: Everyone else has a date to the wedding.
The Confident Single Chick Says: Good thing it's just me. I only have to get a gift equal to the value of one meal and not two! SCORE (Now you can go buy that cute dress you were eyeing with the savings)
Singleness Says: Awesome, another great date night with my couch, blanket, and Netflix.
The Confident Single Chick Says: Thank the Lord I don't have to watch 300 for the 300th time tonight.   The Notebook it is.
Singleness Says: Why doesn't anyone want to be with me?
The Confident Single Chick Says: I don't wan't just anyone. I am a prize to be won, and if they want me they are going to have to peruse me like that prize.
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  1. So true! I came to this realization this summer and it makes life so much fun! I really enjoy not having to make big life decisions with out considering someone else, I can focus on what I want :) Great post! Once again, I love them!

  2. LOVE this!!! So many single girls focus on the fact that everyone is married instead of actually enjoying having no one to report to!

  3. Great post! Most of the time I'm more than fine being single but sometimes those negative thoughts creep into my head. This was a great reminder that being single doesn't mean I'm broken or that there is anything wrong with me.

  4. Nice post! I agree that one person shouldn't make you whole you're a whole person already! haha.


  5. Oh, I love this!
    I totally take for granted my selfish Single Lady dinners, apartment nakedness, and girly TV marathons...I need to relish in this season!
    I'm into it. Thanks, girl :)

    1. I'm glad you love it. But don't worry Amy, I am pretty sure the future hubby will TOTALLY approve of apartment nakedness!!!

  6. Amber, you are 100% right on this one... I was single for a good while (well not married yet but you know) and I loved having the freedom to run out when I felt like it. I HAVE had icecream for dinner and loved it. So many women dwell on the fact that they are single. I say enjoy it now. Because you will never get to do the crazy/fun things that you can do while you are single!

  7. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Writing these post is like therapy for me


Thanks for your comment. I absolutely LOVE reading them and they bring honest joy to my day, so thanks!

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