August 8, 2013

Tweet-iquette: What Kind of Tweeter Are You?

We have all logged on our social media accounts and rolled our eyes on multiple occasions at someones post. Right? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Some people, all I have to do is see their name pop up on my Instagram feed and know that their post will be a selfie, or someone else is sure to take a picture of their dinner yet again, or someone's tweet is bound to have another Debbie Downer status. Am I right?
I saw an article in Relevant Magazine that sparked this post. What kind of tweeter are you?
The Selfie Enthusiast:
You might be a selfie enthusiast if…
- You have several identical pictures of yourself standing in front of the mirror on different days {:if you're a blogger you're excluded, right? It's obviously only for the sake of blogging:}
- Your tweets look like: "Rise and grind…5:30am, time to hit the gym #disciplined" OR "My tenth exemplary review from the boss"
The positive of this is you have an awesome sense of confidence and I think that's admirable, but just remember this: sometimes it's okay to go to the gym or work without taking a selfie. It's also okay to use the reverse button on the camera and have it take pictures of other things too. Just saying ;) {:it's in the upper right hand corner of your i-phone…you may have never seen it before ;) :}
The Instagram Stalker
You might be a Instagram Stalker if…
-You post nothing you're just…….looking.
You know this person {:and goodness I hope you aren't this person:}. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but they are silent until your feed page comes up and they have liked 25 of your pictures in the last 5 minutes and have favorited 10 of your tweets. Creeper alert!
It's okay to post things; you might actually have someone like your photo!
The Online Political Expert:
You might be an online political expert if…
-You post pictures of politicians with captions in the photo
- Your posts look like "I don't see how anyone could vote for a candidate who supports _____ could call themselves an American." OR "Anyone who voted for Ralph Nader is an idiot."
Oh you tweeters are my least favorite. I appreciate your political awareness and activism, but I have never heard of a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo that has ever changed anyones mind on hot topics and they just annoy the rest of us.  
The Play-by-Play Updater
You might be a play-by-play updater if…
-You post 10 or more Instgram photos a day of insignificance
- Your tweets and Facebook posts look like: "#np the notebook", "listening to Maclemore & Ryan Lewis" followed by "soooo bored"
Thou shalt not tweet, post, or Instagram out of boredom. That is a quick way to get yourself unfollowed. It is okay to eat a meal without sharing it with the world. It is okay for it to storm outside and not post your love or hatred for storms….just sayin. You may even get REAL crazy and stay silent on social media for an entire 5 hours. 
Negative Nancy Tweeter
You might be a negative Nancy tweeter if…
-You post Instagram photos of your broken iPhone with a caption that says "see, nothing good ever happens on a Monday"
- Your tweets look a lot like "I just don't think this day could get any worse" OR "Well that may have been the worst meal I have ever spent money on"
We all have bad moments, but is it really helping you or anyone else to post it for the world to see. What if the next time you had this urge to tweet something negative you flipped it and chose to post about something you're blessed with or grateful for. It might just change your followers opinion of you and your attitude to your current situation.
If you follow me, I promise to not be any of these people 95% of the time!
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  1. I hate seeing all the negativity on social media!! It bothers me. & most of the time those people are just looking for attention.

  2. I thought of someone I knew for every single description! HA.

  3. I'm a total Twitter loser. The only reason I tweet is for giveaways or to notify of a new blog post. With that said, I think my blog is pretty awesome. It doesn't stink like my Twitter account does.

  4. Ah this post is great! I totally know people for each category. You go girl for encouraging positive tweets, I'm going to stick to it!

    1. Haha me too. I giggled the entire time I was typing

  5. HA HA! This post made me laugh. I wonder which tweeter I'm guilty of being. ;)


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