September 20, 2013

Coffee Date for Two {:filled with plenty of randomness:}

Oh how I wish I were sipping coffee in a quaint coffee shop with you right now. The weather here in WV has been absolutely spectacular. It is definitely feeling like the weather you where you wear your cute boots and scarf while you sip on a pumpkin spice late. Today it's a little warmer, but I am still very anxious for fall it's my absolute favorite season!

So how have you been? You may have read in Monday's post that my life has been pretty crazy lately. But, a good kind of crazy. I am definitely exhausted, but it feels selfish to complain about exhaustion when it is only the result of living a very blessed life. {:Not that I don't do it, it's just easier to filter myself on here:} It's just that I am really learning day-by-day how truly blessed I am in this life.

So can I share with you something else I'm learning right now?

God has me in the middle of a whirlwind learning how to release my comfort for my calling. It sounds so poetic and beautiful, but working it out in your life is much messier and much more complicated that it sounds. Well, maybe I should correct myself. It doesn't necessarily have to be messy, difficult yes, but messy no. I find myself making it messy by forgetting that I am not pursuing a God calling in my own strength but rather in His. {:I have a hard time remembering this tidbit:} 

Have you ever been there? Have you ever had God knock on the door of your heart only to tell you something you didn't necessarily want to hear? Something that challenged you and made you uncomfortable? Well, if you haven't, allow me to tell you how unfun that can be! But, the thing we all have to realize is that if God is calling you to get uncomfortable, He is calling you to something that is going to enlarge and expand your life-for the better. He is calling you to something that is going to build your faith and stretch your trust muscles in him.

I'm learning that it is okay to let Him in, even when he knocks with an uncomfortable proposition. Know why I find this okay? It's because I know He knows the rest of my story. I only know the past pages and the current page so it's much better to trust the One who has the entire book right?

Well, that's kinda what has been floating around in my head on the faith side, but I am a random girl so let's switch the topic up a bit and turn to this little blog of mine.

I have been thinking about retiring The Single Girl Diaries for awhile. What do you think? Not that I won't ever post a Single Girl Diaries post; it just won't be a weekly thing anymore. I mean I don't want to beat a dead horse. If y'all are still enjoying them, I'll happily keep them coming, but if not, maybe it will be more of a special post here and there.

What about your blog? How is it going? How is it growing? Have any questions?

How has your life been? Chaotic? I hear ya girlfriend! I thought after this past weekend with our women's conference being over life would settle/slow down a bit. Well, that doesn't seem to be true at all. I still feel like it has been go, go, go and I cannot seem to catch up. But, the good news is, it's Friday  and I have a weekend filled with very little to do except get my bridesmaids dress fitted. Which this is exciting because my sweet cousin is marrying her knight and shinning armor in just 3 weeks from tomorrow. Oh aren't they just adorable?! Look at these pictures!

Awe, I am just already imagining these pictures hanging on their walls for years to come. So thankful and honored to be part of their day. I'm a sucker for weddings. They always make my heart happy, single or not.

Okay, well I won't keep you with my ramblings. I know you're a busy lady, but I am so glad we got to catchup like girlfriends do. Thanks for having coffee with me!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and your cousin's pics are beautiful! As for your Single Girl Diaries, I say it's your blog so do what you want. I primarily see my blog as something that I do for myself to talk (actually write) through my problems and remember all of the good things happening in life. If you don't feel like doing something anymore, definitely take a break. People will get over it!

  2. No more Single Girl Diaries!? I actually just wrote about it in my post I'm sending over ;) I totally relate to the feeling of uncertainty when God comes knocking at your door for some change. Change is good and we have to trust in God! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  3. You know I love the Single Girls Diaries! But hey, whatever is best for you :) God knocking at your door is the best/most uncomfortable thing ever! Long story short, I was in the legal field and had a GREAT stable job! Great pay, great people, stability, but my focus was not on God. I was thinking about what I wanted, money, and success. So God stayed patient with me, kept knocking, and after 6 months I quit, went back to college, and am now going into teaching! So crazy because they are 2 completely different things! But I have never been more happy with my life! Trusting God and leaving your comfort zone is not easy, but it is worth it! And trusting in him has moved me back in with my parents, out of a career, back into college, yet he has not stopped providing for me since! Listen to the knock! It will be the BEST thing you ever do :)


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